What is a distillery?

A distillery makes hard alcohol like gin, vodka, rum, etc.

What is the process?

Water, sugar and yeast are initially combined and fermented to make a mash. This mash is then heated at high temperature in our still. When the mash gets to a specific temperature, the alcohol turns to steam rises from the other ingredients into the column, It is then cooled, turned to liquid again, and separated into the desirable spirits. These spirits are re-distilled or ingredients are added to create a uniquely flavored alcoholic beverage.

Here is a great article on the process: https://vinepair.com/spirits-101/how-distilling-works/

How is a distillery different than a brewery?

Distilleries produce alcoholic spirits.

Breweries make beer.

So, you don’t make beer?

Nope. We like beer, too! But, in the cocktail lounge we only serve the alcoholic spirits that we make in-house.

What do you make in-house?

Gin and Vodka.

We will be adding Rum to our menu as we grow.